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The Stoller Hall team grows

With seven months to go until our opening weekend, The Stoller Hall is coming to life. The seats are settling in, as they wait patiently for their audience. The builders are putting down their hard hats after working so hard to bring our unique concert hall to near-completion. Soon, the Hall will finally be able to stretch its limbs and prove just how incredible its acoustics will be, as a whole range of musicians and performers visit us to test it out.

Amidst all of this excitement, we have welcomed two new members of staff to The Stoller Hall. A master of sound and lighting, Simeon Ogden will be our new Technical Manager, bringing with him all of the skills and knowledge to ensure that all of our performances will be visually and audibly stunning. Alongside him is Brian Pilkington, who joins us as Marketing Administrator to help audiences discover what’s on and easily purchase tickets for the many fantastic performances they will enjoy at The Stoller Hall when it opens in April 2017.


We decided to have a little chat with them:

What’s the thing you most enjoy about working here?

Simeon: The excitement and support of the staff at Chetham’s School of Music. The staff here are great. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful, perhaps because they have been waiting for the Hall’s completion for over two years now!

Brian: Not only is it a great place to work in terms of its location and beautiful architecture, but most importantly, it has a friendly and warm environment. Everyone is passionate about music and performance and has genuine desire to see The Stoller Hall filled with audiences who are equally as passionate.

What attracted you to join the team here at The Stoller Hall?

Simeon: I was really excited as a technician (with a bias towards sound) to work at a concert hall which has been designed by Arup, with the purpose of being a beautiful-sounding venue with the ability to accommodate a diverse range of performances. The level of equipment within the Hall has been really well thought out and I’m sure we’ll be welcoming some incredible musicians.

Brian: Having worked previously at a concert venue in Warrington, I was really drawn to the idea of being involved with a completely brand new concert hall from the very beginning and helping it grow into something that is really unique and special, which it already is in so many respects. I think that The Stoller Hall is going to be one of the most exciting performance spaces in Manchester, if not the country.

Tell us what you do on a daily basis.

Simeon: My job is to oversee all of the technical aspects of The Stoller Hall, and with its completion in mind, I am preparing for the many different events we will hold. On a daily basis, I will be accommodating artists’ technical requirements, ensuring that all of the installed equipment is kept at its best and that the shows run smoothly.

Brian: As the Marketing Administrator, my role covers everything from selling tickets to social media, from putting events on sale to writing blog posts (including this one!). A large part of my role is using our brand new ticketing system Ticketsolve which will enable us to provide a first class customer experience, once we’ve got to grips with it!

What are you most looking forward to working on in the future?

Simeon: Being open to the public! I’ve loved music – particularly live music – from a young age so I’m super excited to see the Opening Weekend and for the public to see what The Stoller Hall has to offer.

Brian: I’m really looking forward to the Opening Weekend. We’ve got a great line-up planned with some incredible musicians and performers, and I can’t wait to see everyone there. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you sign up to our mailing list – we’ve got some exciting news coming up in the near-future!



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