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Interview with Susan Tranter

Meet our ‘Instagrammer-in-residence’ for the Russian October festival, Susan Tranter (@susantranter), and find out what she’ll be getting up to as she goes behind-the-scenes to bring you closer to the artists and performers who will take to our stage.

Tell us a bit about yourself…
My day job involves creating content for websites and social media in the sports industry, but outside the 9-5 I like exploring my own projects too – a lot of which are photography based. I live in south Manchester on a street which seems to have about half a dozen music teachers on it, so at any time you can expect to hear strains of violin, french horn or piano as you walk along. Like a lot of people I enjoy classical music but usually feel I’d get more out of it if I understood more about it, so I’m looking forward to getting to know the Stoller Hall and the Russian treats in store over the coming weeks.

What do you love about Instagram?
Instagram is a great way to tell stories through pictures and words. I love the way it allows you to peek through windows into so many different worlds. People are using it in increasingly creative ways too – both to tell their own stories, and stories about things they think matter.

As a photographer, what do you think makes a great image?
I think it varies. It might be something which immediately stops you in your tracks; or it might be something which has layers to it, the kind of picture where you notice something new every time you look at it.

We’re delighted to have you on-board as Instagrammer-in-residence for our Russian October festival! What are you hoping to do with your residency?
A few things: show off the Hall to more people who might not have seen it yet, and encourage them to come down and see a performance themselves; take a look behind the scenes and explore some of what goes into putting a festival like this together; and hopefully make the whole thing a bit more accessible – either for those who can’t get there, or those who might have thought it wasn’t for them.

Which events in the festival are you most looking forward to?
There’s a lot of great stuff to choose from! I admit though that I’m particularly looking forward to the Battleship Potemkin screening. I’ve never seen the film, and I’ve never seen a live accompaniment of a film either, so to get both at the same time will be great.


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