Battleship Potemkin

  • Sunday 8 October 2017 - 6.30pm
  • The Stoller Hall
  • £15, £10 *

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  • Presented and performed by Neil Brand, piano

One of the greatest films of all time, screened with live piano improvisation by Neil Brand – presenter of BBC Four’s The Sound of Musicals and described on the Today programme as “the doyen of silent film accompanists”.

Battleship Potemkin was made in 1925 to mark the 20th anniversary of the mutiny which began the first Russian revolution. In it director Sergei Eisenstein introduced the innovative techniqueof film montage, in which the same event is filmed from many different perspectives, cut together with an internal rhythm which injects new life into the scene. Potemkin’s most famous sequences, including the unforgettable Odessa Steps sequence, are filmed in this style, lending speed, movement and a sort of god-like omniscience of vision to the sequence and giving it an impact and emotional depth unequalled to this day. Brand’s music, based on many viewings of this iconic film, will seek to match its power and complexity whilst bringing out the bursts of humour, clever observation and glimpses of human nature with which Eisenstein peppered the original, enhancing its deep emotional impact for a 2017 audience.

Film rating: PG


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