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Creating a concert hall

The Stoller Hall is situated in Chetham’s new School building, which opened in 2012. A void was deliberately left in the shell of the building for a planned concert hall, with the assumption that years of fundraising still lay ahead before that could become a reality. The total cost of The Stoller Hall was £8.7m, £7.5m of which was generously donated by Sir Norman Stoller through the Stoller Charitable Trust: Chetham’s are delighted that this means the doors are opening just five years after the original conception, with additional support from the Garfield Weston Foundation. The remainder of the funds have been raised through various arms of the Encore Campaign: from individual supporters donating a Round of Applause, Naming a Seat, sponsoring a Wall Plaque or Naming Rooms across the building.

The Stoller Hall boasts many innovative features, from the ability to separate public and performance areas from the day to day operations of the school, to an adaptable extending stage which creates space for a full symphony orchestra in rehearsal or recording. Thanks to Classic FM for filming the video above and allowing us to share it!

The Hall’s stunning visual design meant that it was named one of the 49 best new buildings in the UK by RIBA in 2017.

“A simple room in which the lightest of surface touches both modulate the sound and unify the space. The complex business of its stage adjustments, the moving of banks of seats and its transformation from acoustic to amplified performance is all handled with a confident discretion. It is a space that feels complete in any form. Devoid of gimmicks, it is a space that, for the audience, focuses on the performance and for the performer, it is clearly a pleasure to be a part of.” – RIBA judges, 2017