We all have a responsibility for the environment in which we live and work and the live music industry is no exception. Our sector is engaging with these important issues through initiatives such as Live Green and organisations such as Julie’s Bicycle

The Stoller Hall has set out on an ambitious journey to reduce our carbon footprint. We have recently joined Greater Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (G-MAST) alongside other likeminded venues and cultural organisations. Several of our management team have now taken part in Carbon Literacy training provided by The Carbon Trust and we will roll this out to other colleagues within the organisation. 

Being part of a larger organisation and sharing a building means that some changes can’t happen instantly but we are focussing on making key changes that can make a big difference over time. 

Visitors and programming

As a venue we are lucky in our location, opposite Manchester Victoria Railway Station, a major public transport hub. Our situation enables audiences to attend concerts and events by train, tram or bus, cutting down on the number of car journeys.  With the increasing amount of residential accommodation in the City Centre, The Stoller Hall is within walking distance for many people. 

Responsible product sourcing and packaging

At The Stoller Hall, we took a decision, in 2019 to focus on stocking our bar with as many locally-sourced products as we were able, within a 30-mile radius of the venue. We are lucky that in Manchester and the North-West, there are a wide range of excellent local producers supplying a range of products including beers, spirits, food and even coffee! Learn more here.

We all realise that single use plastics are creating problems around the world so we are trying to do our bit to help.  Our bar has now removed the majority of single use plastic from the operation.  We are working hard to try and find alternatives for the few products that are not readily available in non-plastic containers, such as essential cleaning products. 

Supply chain credentials 

We are talking to our partners, clients and suppliers to encourage them to work with us to reduce respective carbon footprints for the benefit of everyone and are actively seeking companies to work with that share our passion for improving the environment. 

Our box office system is provided by Spektrix, a certified B-corporation.


Where items cannot be reused, we actively promote at-source recycling of paper & card, glass and aluminium cans so that we enable as much of our waste stream to be easily recycled. 

Paperless office and materials 

We have worked hard in our office to make our (sometimes considerable amounts of) admin paperless to reduce our usage of paper and printing consumables. Our marketing team take great care to only order the amount of print that we are going to need to promote our events in order to minimise waste.


Our main performance spaces are already lit by energy-efficient LED fixtures and we will phase out other forms of lighting throughout the other backstage and public areas over time. 


We’re members of GMAST, a group collectively driving change in the arts and culture sector and beyond for the benefit of communities across Greater Manchester.