Manchester Collective: Sirocco

  • Saturday 5 May 2018 - 8pm
  • The Stoller Hall
  • £18 (£5)

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  • Abel Selaocoe, cello / director
    Sidiki Dembele, djembe, kora, ngoni, calabash
    Alistair McMath, bass
    Rakhi Singh, violin
    Simmy Sing, violin

Programme includes original and traditional African work, and additional repertoire by Bach, Sollima, Lawes, Debussy and Crumb

“There are very few musicians who can bewitch a room in the way that Abel Selaocoe can. 

While we were preparing for the launch of this season, we had a day of filming at a gorgeous discovered space in Hull, an old post office called Penny Red. Abel was there to perform Lamentatio by Giovanni Sollima for us, and the second he started, the room was transfixed. Adam Blyth, our filmmaker, told us that when he got home after the shoot, he made his wife watch every take of raw footage from each and every camera. When they were finished, they watched it all again.

We’re also joined for this project by Abel’s band, Chesaba. Abel, Sidiki, and Alastair specialise in music from the Ivory Coast – together, we create a musical melting pot, bringing together two continents with ferocious and intense musical traditions.

Above all, this show is about joy – it’s a celebration of life, of diversity, and of African culture. In an otherwise stormy season, SIROCCO is a beacon of light.

See you at the party,

Adam & The Collective”


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