Musafirana: A Unique Musical Journey

  • Saturday 24 March 2018 - 2.30pm - 6pm
  • The Stoller Hall
  • £25-£10

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  • Srikanto Archarya
    Joy Sarkar

Welcome to “Musafirana”, a unique musical journey. Singer-songwriter Srikanto Acharya, composer Joy Sarkar and poet Srijato need no introduction to the Bengali audience. This is the first concert the trio have performed in Manchester following their hugely successful album Musafirana. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this mesmerising musical journey.

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The Musafirana trio is comprised of singer Srikanta Acharya, composer Joy Sarkar and poet Srijato. The trio came together to make music that weaves together their shared passion for Bengali music with the traditions of Indian classical music, ghazal poems, and film music. Joy Sarkar has worked with Srikanta Acharya as a composer for the past two decades, and together the duo has produced trail-blazing Bengali basic songs like Brishti Tomake Dilam, Meyeta, Tomake bolar chhilo, Cheletir naam megh and Prithibir Chaabi. Srijato joined the pair in 2011 and what evolved was Musafirana, considered the first attempt at creating Bengali Ghazals in a contemporary format.

The trio has toured in India and for their Stoller Hall performance, they will be joined by three musicians to perform songs and poetry. Srikanta delves into his popular repertoire of songs ranging from Rabindrasangeet to his own popular compositions while Srijato weaves the music with his poetry and Joy plays in his popular compositions (and also sings at times). Songs fade into poetry and poetry melts into songs, intertwined with guitar solos by Joy Sarkar.

The Musafirana concert is in many ways an ‘impromptu’ musical session – in the tradition of a typical Bengali musical adda! For the discerning listener and ‘rasika’, therefore, the Musafirana experience is not just about attending a ‘performance,’ but a journey that will allow memories to awaken and dreams to take shape.

This event is organised by Nrityakunj, Bilete Bangali, Indian Arts Association and Hujuge Bangali.


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