Manchester Collective: 100 Demons

  • Saturday 3 March 2018 - 8pm
  • The Stoller Hall
  • £18 (£5)

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  • Daniel Elms - composer/electronics
    Vessel - electronics
    Rakhi Singh - violin
    Simmy Singh - violin
    Ali Vennart - viola
    Oliver Coates cello
    VESSEL The Birth of the Queen

    Steve REICH Violin Phase
    Jonathan HARVEY Ricercare una melodia
    XENAKIS Mikka S
    Edmund FINNIS Sister
    Michael GORDON Industry

    Daniel ELMS 100 Demons (world première)

100 DEMONS is a show about live strings and electronics. We’re presenting three sets of wild new music – music that is probably very different to anything you might have heard before.

A lot of the material is brand new. In our first set, underground electronic artist Vessel presents a collection of live tracks from his latest album, Queen of Golden Dogs, together with a motley sample of music that influenced the record. Manchester Collective audiences will have the chance to hear some of this new work for the first time, before Sebastian Gainsborough (he’s not actually called Vessel) takes his show to some of the biggest festivals in Europe. If you want a taste of Seb’s music, he recently scored the trailer for Park Chan-Wook’s award-winning film, The Handmaiden.

The second set features our very own Music Director, Rakhi Singh, and special guest Oliver Coates. We’re thrilled to have Olly with us for this show – he’s one of those rare ‘classical’ musicians who is constantly pushing the envelope, working at the cutting edge of the field. On the one hand he comes from an incredible classical pedigree, but on the other, he just finished an international tour where he supported Radiohead. There are not many cellists that can make that claim.

Rakhi and Olly will perform a set of music for various combinations of solo violin, solo cello, and electronics. From much loved works like Steve Reich’s Violin Phase, to works that have never been performed in the UK, we’ve assembled a collection of music that we find incredibly exciting.

The heart of show is 100 DEMONS, our titular commissioned work, written for Manchester Collective by Daniel Elms. Dan is a pretty unusual kind of composer – he’s young for one, he’s from Hull, he’s sort of a genius, and he’s also a great guy to have a beer with. When most composers talk about their work, they tell you about instrumentation, or maybe harmony. When we asked Dan about his piece, he started talking about politics and the media. Fear. Manipulation. Japan. 100 DEMONS comes from a very unusual place, and we can’t wait for you hear it.

That’s about all we want to give away at the moment – if you’d like to have more of a chat about the programme, please feel free to reach out on social media, or to get in touch at

We’ll see you soon.

Adam & The Collective


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