A coffee break with…The Furrow Collective

Drawn together by a shared love of traditional song and balladry of England, Scotland and beyond as well an open, intuitive approach to collaboration, The Furrow Collective brings together four talented artists: Lucy Farrell (viola, voice & saw), Rachel Newton (harp, fiddle, voice), Emily Portman (banjo, concertina, voice) and  Alasdair Roberts (guitars, voice).

With their signature spine-tingling harmonies and masterful storytelling bringing a spark of light into the wintry gloom, this promises to be an unmissable evening to remember. We caught up with the band ahead of their live show at The Stoller Hall in December.

What are you most looking forward to about your Manchester show?

This will be our first Furrow Collective gig in Manchester (although we’ve all played there before individually). We’ve heard great things about The Stoller Hall and are very much looking forward to our visit. And maybe we’ll get the chance to visit Wilmslow Road for a curry.

What can audiences expect from your set?

We’re currently at the early stages of rehearsals for our tour, just beginning to create our setlist. We’ll draw on songs from our previous releases (three albums and an EP) as well as some new material that we’re developing, some of which will have a dark and wintry (yet warm and cosy!) feel. There’ll be harmony singing aplenty as well as harp, fiddles, concertina, guitars and more.

Key ingredients for a live performance?

It’s been a while, so we’ll have to remind ourselves of what those key ingredients are! We’ve missed singing and playing together and are enjoying the prospect of a reunion of both band and concert-goers. We love the magic that can happen when both band and audience are mutually receptive to the experience.

Top tips for new folk musicians just starting out?

A love of the music is the most important thing.

Favourite live musician(s)?

Rachel: Björk

Lucy: Old Man Luedecke

Emily: Sam Amidon

Alasdair: Xylouris White

You can book tickets here to The Furrow Collective on Monday 13 December.

The Furrow Collective website


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