Culture Recovery Fund success 

Still #HereForCulture!

We recently received the wonderful news from Arts Council England that our application for Culture Recovery Fund Continuity Support has been successful. We have been working hard to develop our plans for The Stoller Hall, and wow, have we got some exciting plans for you!

One of our main aims as we ease back into full operation once again is to make sure our programme is relevant to all our customers and communities. We have a fabulous facility here and we want everyone to have a chance to access it and the cultural programme that we curate.

Our family programming strand is growing, as we aim to make sure that young people have opportunities to interact with music in different ways at all stages of their development.

And we are keen to engage with new audiences from around the region – which we will do through diversity of our programming, making sure that what happens on our stage is a reflection of what our audiences and our local communities would like to engage with.

At a very practical level, this funding enables us to ensure employment continuity for our team, and help us to safely build back to full capacity as we head into 2022. And it will help us to plan for our long-term sustainability.

Thank you for continuing to support us, and please do keep the feedback coming!

#HereforCulture #CultureRecoveryFund


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