Get Loud and Proud for Pride Weekend

We’re so excited to host Loud and Proud at The Stoller Hall on Thursday 24 August, 6 – 8pm. This is a free choral workshop, hosted by Michael Betteridge and Rylan Gleave, which will include all voices with specialist input on non-binary and changing voices.

We believe in the power of music to bring people together and to improve health and wellbeing and singing in particular provides an inclusive and cost-effective way of combating social isolation. Various studies have shown singing in a group can decrease stress and boost immunity and it was only last month that the news reported on a group of sea shanty singers on the Causeway coast who are helping to combat poor mental health and isolation among men.

Vicki Ciaputa, Creative Engagement Manager, said: “Singing can bring together a group of strangers to make a new community, which is truly inspiring. This vocal workshop, Loud and Proud, is free and open to everyone no matter what your ability is.

“We also recognise that singing can bring challenges for transitioning adults. Rylan and Michael are wonderful coaches who create a comfortable environment and encourage everyone to ‘find their voice’ outside of gender binary and maintain their identity as singers. This process is as much about support as it is about technique.”

Rylan, who is a Chetham’s School of Music Alumni, is a classically trained composer and vocalist working now in experimental and divergent fields. Michael is a composer, conductor and animateur based in Manchester. He studied at both the University of Manchester, with Camden Reeves, and the Royal Northern College of Music.

Rylan said: “When my voice was breaking, there were no resources available to me, or an understanding of what was happening. I was just told my voice would get lower. As a singer, this was confusing, and I couldn’t see progress in any way. I had no idea what my ‘end result’ voice would look like.

“That’s why I lead workshops and teach now; so that other trans and non-binary singers can reclaim their voices, and not feel as overwhelmed with either vocal changes or dysphoria. Sessions are created with fun and accessibility in mind, and aim to foster a sense of community with passionate singers of all abilities in the same space.”

Loud and Proud coincides with Manchester’s Pride Festival 2023, which showcases and celebrates queer talent from the local area and internationally, and it is funded by Manchester Pride’s Superbia Festival Fund.

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