Lockdown Listening…With Lara Melda

Lara Melda is one of the most exciting young musicians on the planet right now!

A BBC Young Musician Winner and a debut album already under her belt, she’s one to watch in the world of classical piano! (Watch the video below of her learning to play piano with her family.)

We caught up with Lara to see what she’s been listening to and finding inspiration in during the last year.

What first got you into music? 

After my mother took my elder sister and I for ballet lessons, she soon realised that neither of us had any interest in the footwork but instead were enraptured by the sound of the piano in the corner of the room, accompanying the lesson! We promptly quit ballet and my sister was the first to start piano lessons. Apparently whenever she tried to practice I would give her no peace whatsoever by trying to take over the keyboard; therefore my mum decided that I should begin also, and since that moment it’s been my passion!

What are you listening to right now? 

I always find comfort, especially at a time like this, in listening to my favourites – Cortot playing Chopin, Alfred Brendel playing Schubert and Maria Callas in her signature role as Norma.

Who would you most like to collaborate / work with?

Amongst many wonderful artists Marin Alsop stands out as a person that I would love to work with. She is a true inspiration and powerful voice to young women and musicians all around the world. It is women like Marin who pave the way for the next generation – creating a world where all artists are given equal opportunities so that we can come together to make and share music.

How have you been passing time during lockdown?

It has been and continues to be a very difficult time for all of us of course but I have to say that music has kept me going throughout everything – whether it be when I am playing the piano, listening to a CD or releasing my debut Chopin album (signed CDs are available on my website!

You can book tickets here for the Lara Melda live stream with Northern Chamber Orchestra on Sunday 28 February. Available to book and watch until Sunday 7 March.


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