Mental Health Awareness Week at The Stoller Hall

Our mental health seems more important than ever right now and we all need to find ways in which we can look after ourselves both physically, and mentally.

This week we’re sharing new hobbies and interests that have helped Team Stoller to stay positive, connected and well over the last 12 months.

‘I love running in the hills with no one else about.  I’m not fast, and it’s not elegant (!) but it makes me happy, and makes it more ok to eat cake and drink beer!  Being at the top of a hill with a gale, hail and snow blowing right in my face definitely brings me straight into the moment.  The concentration needed for fell running also helps take me away from the PC and out of the day to day.’ – Fran (General Manager)

‘There are a couple of things that help me maintain a bit of perspective on life; focussing on something completely different can help distract from the pressures of work. Firstly, anything outdoors, be that going for a run, bike ride, doing some gardening or even mucking out the animals!  The second is my ‘other job’ playing the bass, not that there has been a lot of that recently, so my piano playing has improved as a result!’ – Simon (Deputy General Manager)

‘The best thing for my mental wellbeing at the moment is taking part in online circus classes. It gives me the opportunity to connect with friends and to get my body moving. It requires focus and spatial awareness to learn new skills which I find really helpful to get out of a busy mind. An added bonus is the laugh when I inevitably end up collapsed in a heap after an unsuccessful attempt at a new yoga pose or an over-optimistic handstand hold!’ – Aoife (Venue Administrator)

‘Exercise and being outside; whether it’s running, cycling, walking or even skipping, is where I’ve found solace over the last 12 months. Once I’ve forced myself out of the door, being outside in the fresh (often rainy) south Manchester air instantly lifts my spirits. I love the sense of achievement from finishing a long run or bike ride and I can’t wait for the return of events like Parkrun where I can travel the country to meet with family and friends and explore new places for exercise!’ – Laura (Marketing Manager)

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is Monday 10 May 2021 – Sunday 16 May 2021


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