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Live Broadcast FAQs

1. How can I watch the performance(s)?

All our live broadcasts will require you to book tickets. You can visit our Live page to see our upcoming performances and use the ‘book tickets’ button to secure your place. You can then select ‘watch now’ to access the broadcast. The video below will walk you through the process of booking tickets.

2. How do I access the performance once I’ve booked tickets?

Our live broadcasts are available to watch using Vimeo. To access the broadcasts you will need to book tickets via our website first. You can then visit the ‘Live’ page on the website and select ‘Watch Now’. If you are struggling to access the stream, you may need to clear your cache.

Watch the video below to guide you through accessing the live broadcasts.

3. Do I need specialist software to watch the online stream?

You don’t need any specialist software to watch online.

The Stoller Hall uses Vimeo to distribute video – Vimeo compatibility guidance can be found here.

4. I’ve booked for an online stream but I can’t hear or see anything?

  • Some web browsers auto-mute videos on playback, so you’ll need to select unmute to hear the audio. On a laptop, hover your mouse over the video and click un-mute. On a mobile device, tap on the video screen and tap un-mute.
  • Check the volume settings on your laptop or mobile device.
  • You will need to be logged in to view your booked stream(s).
  • A few minutes before the start of a show, the broadcast will begin and a message will appear to say that the show will be starting soon.
  • If video does not start playing automatically, please try refreshing your browser page at the start time of the show.
  • For more information and help about playback quality and buffering issues, please click here.

5. How can I contact you if I have more questions? 

You can contact us by email at