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Lucy Rose – sold out

  • Saturday 13 April 2019 - doors 7pm
  • The Stoller Hall
  • £19.08

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SJM Concerts Presents Lucy Rose plus Samantha Crain (support)

Main Entrance Doors: 7pm
Auditorium Doors: 7.30pm
Support Act – Samantha Crain: 8pm
Interval: 8.30pm
Lucy Rose: 9pm
Concert Finish: 10.15pm
All timings are approximate and are subject to change.

The Warwickshire-born singer-songwriter is bored of putting banal announcements out into the world via Instagram, of keeping a safe distance between art and feeling. She’s coming out of a year she describes as one of the hardest times of her life, and which fuelled a more probing type of album. But this was no conscious decision. Rather, it was just part of surviving. (“For a period I was like, should I call the album Everyone Needs A Therapist or something,” she says, drily). Even the interview you’re currently reading is an exercise in paradox; she needs to keep something of her own world back for herself, but the music is so raw that – ironically, with for a record with a title like No Words Left – it does much of the talking.

The album was recorded alongside friend and producer Tim Bidwell – with whom Lucy worked with on Something’s Changing – via a series of sessions at his home studio in Brighton. Devoid of drums, the richness of a fretless bass and light percussion adds to the sense of intimacy in the songs, while also providing space for change. “I think all of the instrumentation is more complex than any other album that I’ve done. I didn’t want nice, sweet, I didn’t want it to be an utterly comfortable listen. I wanted to challenge,” Lucy explains. When she returned to London for the final time, she wondered whether it needed anything extra, before deciding that it would affect the almost time capsule-like creation. “I thought, it’s 36 minutes long, do I need it to be more? As I was thinking that, I knew I was in a different place mentally than I was when I sat down with the piano and the guitar. I felt like at that point, I knew that even if I wrote a good song, it would harm the record by adding it, because it would be different”.

No Words Left is released on the 22nd March 2019 through Communion Records.


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