Manchester Song Festival – Read All About it

As Manchester Song Festival gets closer, you can find all about the great events on offer here – but don’t just take our word for it. Both regional and national news outlets have been delving into some of the events on offer, and we’ve listed just a couple below to get you in the mood for a full weekend celebrating all things vocal.

“live performance from three incredible artists as well as a chance for local singers to participate and learn from vocal professionals.”

Theatre Weekly’s article covers the full spread of events on offer, including details of the performances by Saturday and Sunday night headliners Mark Padmore and Hera Hyesang Park.

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singer Mark Padmore

Come with open minds – and to hear stuff that you’ve never heard before and you’re never going to hear again!”

Earlier this month, Mag North interviewed Manchester Song Festival headliner Cleveland Watkiss (performing on Friday 1 March) about how he got started with VocalSuite, his improvised acapella mix of voice and technology, as well as what else he gets up to in the music world.

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“I’ve always been interested in using my voice in different ways, it has such as vast scope and ability to attach itself to different aspects of music and sound”

Go even deeper into how VocalSuite was created in this interview with Cleveland Watkiss from Quays Life.

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singer Cleveland Watkiss

“The Manchester Song Festival at Stoller Hall in March 2024 is about much more than just song recitals”

Music critic and writer Robert Hugill takes a deeper look at the workshops happening on Saturday 2 March as part of the festival.

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Want to book your ticket to a Manchester Song Festival event? Book for one of the three headline recitals, or the day of workshops, below.


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